Kaur Motorsport rallyschool helps drivers put together a full package.
Although driving skills are the most important for a driver and that is what we concentrate on most, we also do not forget other driver qualities.

Physical and mental preparation, planning, media communication, sponsorship etc. are all important in driver’s development and need attention. Therefore we have divided our rallyschool into three:


Pacenotes are at least as important as driving skills. A driver can go through an unknown road just as fast as the pacenotes allow- therefore creating accurate notes it is a fundamental driver skill.

Driving & setup

Driving training aims on finding the biggest weaknesses in driving techniques and concentrates on those- this is were the driver has most to learn and gain.

Training is based on one-on-one principle, we are the judges on the co-driver seat and switch places when necessary. When possible, we also help to set the car up for driver’s liking.


Mentor services include everything else that play an important role in the final result.

Physical preparation, planning etc, Kaur Motorsport is there to help with knowledge and experience.